Panic at the Disco folks !

Just thought I would let you know why you haven't heard a peep from me, ...
 I'll have to make this quick because I don't know how much I'll be able to get out before I'm kicked off.  I am "attempting" to write this blog post from my phone 📱 And unfortunately I'm finding out the hard way why people don't, because it's a bit of a crap game really, at any moment my app will just crash erasing everything I've written! That's happened more times than I'd like to admit.
It all started over the holidays when a certain someone who will remain nameless told me I could delete .... actually probably best if I keep this short, I'm surprised it hasn't crashed already.
   My computer broke, I didn't see a reason to get a new one because luckily I have a backup laptop.
 The other day that one died as well (the black screen of death is just as ominous as it sounds.)
Now this comes at a really bad time since it's been impossible to do all the holiday posts I had planned, - and just as my writers block had lifted too!
I had a huge New Years post but it grew increasingly obvious that it wasn't going to happen with the crashing so I've decided to wait until my new computer arrives (between the 5th and 7th is what I'm told? )  I realize how lame it is, but if you bright side it just think you'll get to relive the holidays all over again thru me ! (Minus the traffic and family drama of course!) You're welcome!
Till then, check back on my other social media channels because I have so many new surprises coming up my head may just spin off !!!

Happy New Year everyone !

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